Can an introvert live in New York City?

As an ex-introvert, I am well aware that living in a big city like New York can be exhausting but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun either. Having so many options is part of the city’s charm, and it can allow you to get out of your comfort zone without taking it too far. 

If you’re more on the loner side and thinking if living in the Big Apple is the right move, keep reading, I’ve gathered around a few tips and facts to help you make up your mind. 

The city’s lifestyle

Moving to NYC can be quite a shock if you’re not used to the city’s noise and constant movement, I mean, it’s called the city that never sleeps for a reason. However, its great size and population can play in your favor. The Big Apple is the most diverse city in the United States, with more than 200 languages being spoken daily and 8.46 million people living there, your chances of finding someone that matches your vibe highly increase. 

I, myself, live in a big city and can assure you, there’s no better place to be an introvert. Being a part of such a massive amount of residents makes you fairly invisible, you can go on about your day without being noticed if that’s what you want, this, of course, does not mean it’s hard to make friends which is, in reality, reasonably easy. With everyone worried about the sky-high rent to pay, you will find self-absorbed locals, turning the city into an introvert’s heaven. 

If you’re an introvert looking forward to stopping being one, New York City is also your place to be. With thousands, if not more, activities being offered, you can not only meet new people but also do all those things you wanted to try for so long! And you don’t even have to pay either, the city provides tons of free options all year long. 

What is a comfort zone?

The Comfort Zone is a concept created in 1908 by psychologists Robert M. Yerkes and John D. Dodson who described it as a state of comfort with a stable performance level. However, this performance cannot be increased without the appearance of a certain level of anxiety, called optimal anxiety level. Too much stress can do the opposite and create a sense of demotivation. 

Your personal comfort zone is a place where you feel at ease, nothing is stressing you out, it can be your bedroom, your sofa, or even your favorite movie/tv show. We all love our comfort zone, we feel safe in there, nevertheless, it is important to go beyond its limits from time to time. 

Tips to get out of your comfort zone

As mentioned before, I used to be really, really, shy and it stopped me from doing things I now love but that doesn’t have to happen to you. Getting out of your comfort zone is extremely hard, because, well, it is comfortable, however, with some compromise you can explore the things outside. If you’re struggling with challenging yourself, don’t worry, I’ve got your back and put up a list with a few tips to explore yourself outside the environment you already know. 

  • Identify your comfort zone. Knowing what your safe place is can be extremely helpful to begin exploring yourself. 
  • Set small goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day, start with small, simple goals. If you can achieve them, then you can move on to a bigger objective. 
  • Know your times. Humans are social beings but some time off never killed anyone. Go out, do your thing but consider your social battery so you don’t overwhelm yourself. 
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. Even if we have the intention to do certain things, this is not always possible and when plans do not go the way we want them to, we tend to be really mean to ourselves. This is, by no means, good, and it won’t help you achieve your objectives, it will just make you sadder and will make the process harder. 
  • Be open to new experiences. As long as you’re comfortable with what the other person has to propose, say yes, and challenge yourself. Sometimes we dread going through with a plan but end up having fun during it!
  • Don’t fall into a routine. We all have responsibilities but once you’re done with those, try new things!

Perks of leaving your comfort zone

  • According to Maria Fernanda Medina Cuenca, a former psychologist, leaving your comfort zone is vital to developing skills you won’t be able to expand otherwise. For example, if you are afraid of confrontation, you will never be able to set boundaries when someone does something you’re not comfortable with. 
  • Going out of your safe place will help you feel more confident because you will be certain you can face whatever comes your way and won’t be afraid to try new things. 
  • You will go beyond what you know, and expand your world.  
  • You will be able to get to know yourself again. Sometimes we think we know who we are when in reality, we know who we were. A lot of things change with time and it is important that you take time to reconnect with the person you are. 

Exploring new aspects of yourself can be extremely difficult, especially in a big city, nevertheless, it is not impossible. While this process can fill you up with tons of negative emotions you can also get to have fun through it! Just do the things you want without second-doubting yourself so much, I promise no one’s gonna notice all those little nonexistent flaws you seem to perceive.

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