Can I get a NYC apartment with a dog?

Wondering if you can get a NYC apartment with a dog? Wanting a dream life in the Big Apple is certainly not a rare dream but, who wants to do it alone?

Having company by your side will definitely improve your New York experience, and yes, that includes a little furry friend.

However, finding an apartment with a pet can be a difficult experience since a lot of landlords assume your domestic animal will make a mess, but difficult does not mean impossible. 

Can I get NYC apartment with a dog

NYC Pet Law

Luckily for pet owners, in 1983 the city passed a law allowing residents in most New York apartments that don’t allow pets to keep a pet if it hasn’t been concealed over a three-month period and no lawsuit has been filed during that time. Being pet-free can make apartment hunting easier, but this doesn’t mean pet owners do not find apartments. 

Landlords allow domesticated dogs and cats as well as small-cage animals and birds. 

While there is a Pet Law, not every landlord follows it or simply discards it if they receive complaints from neighbors so remember to double-check if the apartment you want to rent actually follows the rules. 

Can I get NYC apartment with a dog

Best dog-friendly neighborhoods 

Every neighborhood of the city has a lot to offer to keep you entertained all year long, however, some places in town are simply better if you have a dog, whether it is because the apartments there are bigger or because there are more parks to walk your pet. 

  • Upper East Side. This part of town offers a variety of dog parks where you can not only walk your dog but also let them play without a leash, Central Park, Carl Schurz Park Dog Runs, and Andrew Haswell Green Dog Park being a few of them. The Upper East side also counts with over 10 veterinarians to give your four-legged friend the attention they need as well as around 15 grooming salons to make your pet look flawless. 
  • Downtown Brooklyn. Being close to Brooklyn Bridge Park and many other dog parks is definitely a deal breaker. This part of town not only offers fancy pet shops to treat your little furry friend but also a lot of emergency pet hospitals and grooming salons.
Can I get NYC apartment with a dog
  • Park Slope. Having a lot of dog parks, including Prospect Park which has a great size, and a lot of pet-friendly coffee shops and restaurants, Park Slope can certainly be considered one of the best dog-friendly neighborhoods. You can find a lot of pet-oriented businesses which offer the absolute best for your dog. 
  • SoHo. Located in Lower Manhattan, this neighborhood offers a huge amount of fancy pet-oriented businesses to make your dog look as awesome as you know they are. While it doesn’t have the most outdoor spaces, you can still walk your furry friend in dog-friendly parks such as Soho Grand Dog Park which has a lot of objects your dog can climb and have fun with. 

Best places to walk your dog. 

If your dog needs long walks or you just want to spend some time with them, there are a few places to have in mind: 

  • Washington Square Park. Located in NoHo, this park offers two dog runs, one for small breeds and another one for bigger breeds. Your dog can also enjoy the water fountains of the park while you rest on the benches underneath the shadow. 
  • Central Park. Kind of an obvious choice, however, Central Park offers more than five off-leash areas as well as dog-exclusive water fountains where your pet can hydrate. 
  • Fort Tryon. Offering amazing river views and an off-leash area, this greatly sized park is ideal to walk and explore with your pup
  • Riverside Park. Located in Harlem, this huge park is a great place to not only walk your dog but also enjoy the New Jersey views it has to offer. 

Pets and tiny apartments

New York City isn’t exactly well known for its huge apartments, unless, of course, you can afford a massive rent. Having a dog in the small apartments the city has to offer can be a challenge, that’s why having a small breed pup is highly recommended, remember dogs are also living beings, and inhabiting a tiny space can also make it harder for them. If you already have a big dog, make sure to walk them multiple times so they don’t get stressed out and make a mess, which can cost you the entirety of your deposit. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony (No, not the fire stairs), make sure your dog does not go out there. A lot of these small outdoor spaces have bars where your dog might fit causing them to fall.

Having a pet is a huge responsibility, especially if you’re living in a city like New York. If it’s stressful enough for humans, imagine how tense your dog can get. However, nothing can replace the unconditional love you can have for your furry company.

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