Can I get evicted because of my roommate?

Having a roommate can be fun as long as you both are respectful of the space you’re living in, however, this is not always the case and things can get pretty ugly quite quickly. Anyone can have a bad roommate they don’t get along with, but the problem starts when said flatmate is breaking the lease by having inappropriate behavior. If you’re afraid the person you live with might make you get evicted, keep reading, we’ve gathered some information to help you out.

What does your lease say?

Re-reading your lease is extra important to find out if you’re facing a possible eviction. 

If your contract states that roommates are not allowed, then, yes, you can get evicted. 

If you and your roomie share a lease and they’re breaking the apartment rules, you can both get evicted. To avoid your expulsion, you can go to your landlord and tell them about the issues you’ve been facing, but this can be a double-edged knife since the proprietor might just kick you out as well. 

If you failed to notify your landlord about a change in your living situation, like adding a new roommate, then they may be in the right to break the lease and make you leave their property.

How does eviction affect my rental applications?

While some landlords or rental companies do not require a clean rental history, a lot of them still do, which will make it harder for you to find an apartment in the future. Having an eviction on your record will keep good landlords away from you, meaning the properties available for you can be way too expensive or just straight-up ugly. 

If you are afraid of what facing an eviction can do to your rental history, check out this post to learn everything you might need to know.

What can I do if my roommate is breaking the lease?

If you run into a disrespectful flatmate, you can actually evict them. But it is not that easy, if you have a verbal agreement, going through this process will be a lot harder than normal. If you have a written agreement, while tedious, it is more likely to go through with the expulsion but you will have to hand in an eviction notice and go to court if they don’t leave voluntarily. 

Having someone damaging your property is no fun which is why your landlord will be happy to help you out if you reach out, this is, of course, if you haven’t broken the lease yourself, so you’re going to want to check that out first.

What are the reasons why I can evict my roommate?

While evicting someone you don’t like sounds like a dream, you can’t actually do that. You can only ask your flatmate to leave the apartment for just reasons, such as being involved in illegal behavior, damaging the property, or not paying rent, among others. 

Don’t risk yourself for others, eviction is a big deal and can take you to court if the issue gets really problematic.

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