Can I paint my kitchen cabinets in a rental?

Sometimes you might feel like your rental kitchen looks outdated and just not pretty anymore. We all want to make our apartments feel like us, like home, but leases and landlords often get in the way. 

What does your lease state?

Making changes in your rental unit without re-reading your lease first can be risky since you might lose your deposit because of it. If you’re looking to go through a renovation, check out what your lease says before starting, it should detail what changes you can and can’t do in your apartment. Depending on what the contract says, you might be able to completely go forward with the refurbishment, do as many changes as you wish as long as it’s all gone by the time your lease is up , or, not do any changes at all.

What does your landlord say?

Sometimes, even if your lease allows you to give your unit a makeover, you have to ask your landlord first. Some proprietors might even let you do this despite your contract stating otherwise. If this is your case, make sure to write down every change made, you can get a case filed against you if you don’t. 

How to paint your kitchen cabinets?

Being careful during this process is key to keeping your deposit intact, that’s why you should remove the cabinet doors before starting. 

Before beginning with the makeover, there are a few things you need to know: if you have wood, metal, or wood-laminate cabinets, you can just start without much preparation, regardless, if your cabinets have a factory finish or plastic laminate you’re going to need to sand them before painting. Sanding can take some extra time but it also guarantees greater results. You can either use a sanding machine or just sandpaper. 

Once the groundwork is done, the first thing to do is add a coat of primer, this will give the paint something to hold on to. When this first coat dries completely, the only thing left to do is paint! Choose your favorite color and add as many layers as needed for a clean, even look.

While painting your kitchen cabinets in a rental is possible, make sure to ask your landlord first as well as to check out the legal arrangements for your lease. It is never too late to start making your place feel like home. Good luck with your renovation journey!

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