What is dating in New York like?

Dating is never easy but you can imagine how much harder it can get when there are just so many options within your reach! 

If you’re struggling to find a partner in the craziness of the Big Apple, don’t worry we’ve got a few tips and things to consider to make your dating life easier. 

NYC’s lifestyle.

We’ve all heard how rude and intimidating new yorkers can be but the reality is far far away from that. New Yorkers are proud of their city and live for the thrill of exploring every corner. 

The city apartments are as tiny as it gets and those that are not are simply not affordable, which leads to people never wanting to be home, instead, you can find locals at bars, clubs and even hanging out on the streets! They’re always willing to start a conversation and have a few laughs with complete strangers. 

Because the citizens live in such a rush they don’t always have time to quickly answer texts so don’t be boomed when this happens, they’ll reach out to you as soon as they have time.

Dating in NYC as a woman.

Women represent the majority of the world’s population and New York City is not the exception with the female population constituting 52% of the total of residents (8.46M). This means that, if you are a straight woman, dating can be a bit harder for you since there are fewer options but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are plenty of men constantly moving in and out of the city, increasing your chances of finding a partner. There are also a lot of places to meet your significant other!

Where to meet new people in New York

New York is such a diverse city you will be able to find people of all shades and shapes. Because the city has a great work field that includes different career paths, you will also manage to find yourself someone that matches not only your physical/sexual preferences but also your interests. 

NYC is called the city that never sleeps for a reason and while meeting someone can be hard, there are a huge amount of places to do this: 

  • Apps. We all want a romantic story to tell when someone asks how we met our partner but with technology being everywhere, this is getting quite difficult. Meeting people online has its perks, though, you can both talk for a certain amount of time to make sure you both like each other instead of just jumping into a date. 
  • Nightclubs. Yes, you can actually find a partner here, as crazy as that sounds. A lot of people go to clubs looking for one-night stands but that is not always the case and, who knows? you might end up meeting your soulmate while dancing to your favorite beats. 
  • Clubs and activities. Joining different groups/clubs related to your hobbies is a great way to meet new people! You can break the ice and start a conversation without much thinking, besides it can give you an excuse to keep talking to that person you liked. 
  • Parks. A lot of new yorkers gather around in parks to hang out with friends or just chill after a long day. Trust me, they are not afraid of starting a conversation with a random stranger. 
  • Your own building. Okay, I know this might be an unpopular opinion but dating a neighbor can actually be fun! Take advantage of those amenities you pay so much for, use them, and talk to the people there. You even might end up in a Friends-like situation. 

Some cons of dating in NYC

New York is one of the most magical cities on earth but some things just get harder with so many people and dating is one of those. Not all that glitters is gold, after all. Here are a few cons of seeing someone in the Big Apple:

  • Everyone’s in a rush. As mentioned previously, locals don’t have much time during the day, those expensive shoe-box apartments aren’t gonna pay themselves. This can be a problem when it comes to arranging a date or even just texting. 
  • Too many options. This may be seen as a perk but having too many options can be a double-edged knife since it might confuse you as to what you are looking for. 
  • Roommates. The increasing price of apartments forces a lot of new yorkers to live with flatmates which can ruin any intimacy you may have with your partner. 
  • Big city prices. Everything is really, I mean, really expensive, so going on dates that include a meal or a drink is not always an option. If you like the outdoors, however, this can be a perk.

Don’t give up on that search for your perfect partner, they’re out there in one of the city’s corners, just take a deep breath, have some patience and they’ll eventually show up. 

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