How to make friends in NYC in your 20s

Being alone in a big, new city is no fun. We’re all humans, we need someone to spend time with, however, finding someone to do this tends to be quite hard, no one just asks a random person they met at the park to be friends these days. But you don’t have to dread going through the process of making new friends, the good thing about New York City is that it is a big, diverse city!

Are New Yorkers friendly?

Okay so we’ve all heard the rumors about New Yorkers being grumpy and mean and if you’re not familiar with the city quite yet, they can seem intimidating. Nevertheless, this is not true at all! People from NYC are friendlier than you might imagine, don’t let their constant rush fool you, they’re always ready to help a fellow New Yorker and know the right places to have the time of your life. They take pride in their city and love showing it around. Of course, some people are rude but that’s just life. 

Best spots to meet new people

If you don’t know where to go to meet new people, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Being in your 20s gives you a great advantage to meet people since you still have a lot of energy to go to hotspots of nightlife as well as simple places like the park. Needless to say, going to places you feel comfortable is highly recommended. 

We’ve put together a list of the best places to make new friends:

  • Nightclubs. Going to a club on your own doesn’t have to be boring at all! You can make friends while waiting to get in, dancing, or maybe even in the bathroom. There are a lot of options in the city, however, these are the best: 
ClubLocationPrice rangeWaiting timeDress codeType of music
Marquee New YorkChelseaDepends on who is performing30 minutes to 1+ hourDress to impressUnderground on Fridays, commercial on Saturday
PHD DowntownDowntownAverage cocktail price ($15 each)$50 admission fee 20 to 40 minutesDress to impressTop 40 and EDM. 
Avant Gardner Mirage
BushwickAverage cocktail price ($10 to $15) Ticket prices depend on the event, starting at $110. 20 to 40 minutesStrict attire is not required. Techno, EDM, Hip Hop, House. 
Paradise ClubMidtownAdmission fee of $75 or moreNot mentioned. Business casual, cocktail attire, or costume if there’s a theme.EDM
  • Clubs and activities. Making new friends is always easier if you meet while doing something you both enjoy, that’ll give you something to talk about during that awkward, getting-to-know-each-other-stage! Just find an activity you enjoy and join a club or a group, you can even take advantage of the city’s free activities!
  • Work. We all love a good home office shift but not talking to anyone for hours can get lonely. If you have the opportunity to go to an office then take it! Have small conversations with your coworkers, spend time with them, and you’ll get to see how much of a change it can make.

Tips to make friends in your 20’s

Some of you might find yourselves having nothing but high school friends, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad with this, however, making friends when you spend so much time with these people is easier than making them when you’re already an adult. Making friends can get you out of your comfort zone way more often than you might like but it’s all part of the process. If you find yourself second doubting yourself too much when it’s time to talk to someone, we have a few tips for you:

  • Don’t overthink. Easier said than done right? Nevertheless, this is crucial to make friends. I swear the other person is not paying attention to those nonexistent flaws you seem to notice. Try to chill and not think too much about what you are saying and how you’re saying it, this will only get you more nervous and make you sound like it. 
  • Be yourself. You’re great as you are! Don’t try to hide yourself to be liked, there are tons of people who will like you for you. 
  • Go out. Going out on your own is really intimidating but necessary. Sometimes we end up spending all day by ourselves because we chicken out, don’t be afraid to leave your place and talk to some people, anything will do!
  • Start small. Since starting a conversation is a really scary thing to do when you know no one, just start with some ice-breakers, for example, you can just compliment someone’s outfit and that simple sentence can lead to a whole conversation.

Being in your 20s is a once in a lifetime experience, you should not waste it overthinking your everyday interactions. Just leave your house every once in a while, even going on a walk can lead to making a new friend. Enjoy what the people in the city have to offer!

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