Best places to visit in New York as a theater lover.  

New York might be a wonderland for theater kids with all those shows taking place at Broadway and all the historical places to visit, one can never get bored. However, there are a few places not every enthusiast is aware of, if you’re one of those, keep reading to find out where they are!

  • Broadway

Starting with the obvious one, Broadway is still the number one place to visit as a theater lover. From kids’ plays like The Lion King to more dramatic ones such as Les Miserables, everyone can find something to watch and enjoy.

If you want to see a play but don’t have the budget to pay for the tickets, there are yearly Shakespeare plays taking place for free at Central Park. The only downside to this great offer is that it only happen during the summer.

  • Sardi’s

Sardi’s, a diner with a rich history of being used as a shooting location in musical shows and movies, including Glee, is a unique and memorable experience that comes at a premium price. However, for theater lovers, the magic of this location is priceless. Interestingly, the Tony Awards were created by Brock Pemberton in this very diner in 1947 to honor his late wife, Antoinette Perry, an actress and director.

  • The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

Home to thousands, if not more, of unique collections regarding music, film, dancing and theater, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts not only offers a place to hang out and learn more about the arts but also performances and exhibitions taking place rather often. 

  • The Drama Book Shop

Open since 1917, the Drama Book Shop has over 8,000 plays in stock. It was recently relocated due to a change in ownership. This new location (266 W. 39th Street

New York) has been designed by “Hamilton” scenic designer David Korins and his team with the intention to pay homage to twentieth century European cafes and reading rooms, and features a full service cafe serving coffee, teas, and light snacks. 

  • Joe Allen restaurant

Joe Allen, which opened in 1965 and is named after its founder, is another popular eatery for theater lovers. Unlike Sardi’s, it has a tradition of honoring shows that don’t succeed by hanging one of their posters on its wall. This place to eat offers different menus everyday, although some dishes are permanently available. 

  • Shubert Alley

Being surrounded by twelve prestigious theaters, Shubert Alley is considered the center of the Broadway theatrical industry. Although it’s length is not extense, hundreds of theater fans gather here to take pictures of the various posters and marquees on displays, or even to buy souvenirs from theater gift shops. The alley has become a cultural icon of Broadway and is a must-visit for theater lovers.

Whether you live in New York or are just visiting this incredible city, visiting these places as a theater enthusiastic will make you feel like a kid in a candy store and will create memories that will be hard to erase.

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